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Fever Thermometer Test Prank free download

Fever Thermometer Test Prank

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Fever Thermometer Test Prank
Fever Thermometer Test Prank

Fever Thermometer Test Prank คำแนะนำ

Fever Thermometer test to measure the Temperature "Fingerprint" for Fever Pranks is an electronic Thermometer for fever test that analyzes temperature, Fever using the Fingerprint of your Finger to tell you how much your Body Temperature reaches.

This Free App Thermometer for fever for Android is designed to be used as friends jokes and family to check out your Body Temperature using Fingerprints Thermometer for Fever it is a system which calculates the Temperature of Body.
Fever Thermometer test is also used for tricks small children when they suffer from fake Illness and that they have a Fever.

This is not a real calculation Temperature Application or "Fever thermometer" the Fever Thermometer PRANK application is only used to Prank friends and family and give erroneous results about their Bodies Temperature.

Thermometer temperature Prank is designed for those who habitually use to franks with friends. you too like laugh with Fake Fingerprints Fever Thermometer and show your friends the latest innovation of Google play application try to install this application and them surprise that you can calculate their Bodies Temperature with Fever Thermometer temperature PRANK you will be able to trick quickly a plenty of your friends and family members.

PRANK Fever Thermometer Fingerprint is a joke app to get funny and folly time with your friends.
This funny application funny fever thermometer and you can surprise your friends laugh, It looks like true fever thermometer shows the temperature of your body, but it is a fake fever thermometer that shows you results random temperature fever body.

This Fever Temperature is a digital Thermometer for Fever and Body Temperature that can calculate the Temperature of your Body , simple in the use it is enough to thumb up your Finger on Fingerprint of your Smartphone screen. it is a Fever Thermometer test a great tool to check out the degree of Temperature and if you are sick or not.

✔ A prank application to collect cheers moment with your friends
✔ HD graphics and beautiful use of scanner animation
✔ Too much user friendly and easy to use
✔ FREE fun for all
✔ Finger Body Temperature Prank does not require internet connection.
✔ Finger Body Temperature Prank FREE fun for all.
✔ Finger Body Temperature Prank is completely free download.

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Warning: please don't try this with sick people especially those with chronic diseases!!!


Fever Thermometer Test Prank ข้อมูลของแอพ

Package name: com.crea.bodytemperature.thermometer

Version: 1.0

Requirement: Android  2.3

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