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IQ Test Saga

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IQ Test Saga
IQ Test Saga
IQ Test Saga
IQ Test Saga
IQ Test Saga

IQ Test Saga คำแนะนำ

If you ask yourself 'what's my IQ?' then IQ Test Saga is for you!

This game measures your Intelligence Quotient (IQ), which will allow you to know the strength of your own mind. This app tests you on verbal ability, logical reasoning and quantitative aptitude, among several other factors. You, your friends and your family can take the test unlimited times and we will provide you unique questions each time!! ;)

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” -Albert Einstein

Standard IQ Category Classification:

> 155 = Genius!
145 – 155 = Gifted
135 – 144 = Very Superior
125 – 134 = Superior
115 – 124 = Average
100 – 114 = Normal
60 – 99 = Below Normal
< 60 = Feeble Minded
0 = comparable to that of a Computer :)

IQ of famous people:

# Albert Einstein at the age of 12 - 160
# Sir Isaac Newton - 190
# Galileo – 185

# Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft - 160

# The great physicist, Stephen Hawking - 160
# Charles Dickens - 180
# Barack Obama, The President of USA - 130
# George W. Bush - 125
# Adolf Hitler - 141


# Smooth and pleasant User Interface (UI)
# Seamless integration with Facebook for the first time in an IQ Test application makes the test process even more fun and social. You can now share your IQ scores on your News Feed and challenge your Facebook friends.
# You get unique questions on each attempt
# Option to ‘mark the question' for further review
# Option to 'review’ the progress of your test anytime
# Super mobility and flexibility between questions
# You can see your performance in previously taken tests in the History Page
# Answers (along with an option to get explanations) are displayed at the end of the each test giving you a very clear 
idea of your mistakes, helping you to improve in future
# Also, we have introduced a challenging concept for you where SPEED matters. Prove us that you are true GENIUS by accepting our IQ Rapid Fire Challenge!! Make unbeatable scores and challenge your Facebook friends ;)


# Android version 2.2 or above
# Facebook Login for Android (Secure)

Coming soon:
# Question pool updates. More questions for you to rack your brains on!
# Global high score listings - because competing with your friends is always fun!

# Support for more languages

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Different IQ tests have different ways of evaluation, so the test scores may differ in each. We have tried our best to keep up with the standards. Our long term goal is to ignite the gray cells of your brain and to make you proficient in adaptive tests (like GRE, GMAT, CAT, GMAT etc.) in an entertaining yet challenging way :)
We recommend you to login using Facebook to get the most out of the app!

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IQ Test Saga ข้อมูลของแอพ

Package name:

Version: 1.6

Requirement: Android  2.2

IQ Test Saga ผู้วิจารณ์


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